A major Southern California accident, such as a car or truck accident or motorcycle collision, can lead to a head injury referred to as “talk and die” syndrome.  You might feel fine after sustaining a head injury, but your condition may deteriorate rapidly.  That is where this condition got its name.

James J. McCarthy, M.D., assistant professor of emergency medicine at University of Texas Medical School at Houston, says that even if you feel okay and have no symptoms following serious head trauma, you could still be at risk. 

“You’ve got confined space inside the skull, and blood from the injured blood vessels flows into the same space that the brain occupies.  This growing clot of blood starts taking up more and more space, and puts pressure on and decreases the flow of oxygen to the brain.” He says that the brain is literally squeezed to death.

McCarthy recommends that anyone who becomes unconscious following a head injury, to get evaluated at a hospital.   There are some symptoms you can also watch out for including headaches, weakness or balance problems.  If you experience these symptoms, you need to get medical attention right away.

For more information, read our article, Don’t Ignore a California Brain Injury – It Could Be Serious, and contact a California brain injury attorney at our office at 1-800-350-8888.
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