Did you know that traumatic brain injuries can cause posttraumatic seizures? Brain injuries are more common than most people realize. The risk of seizures is greatly increased for people who have suffered brain injuries.

We have all heard the term “seizure.” However, many of us may not know what causes seizures. A seizure can take place when a temporary electrical imbalance occurs in the brain causing potential uncontrollable body movements and sensations. It may also be caused from bleeding in the brain or when the skull becomes penetrated.

Traumatic brain injuries often result from an accident such as a car, motorcycle or truck accident. A person may also suffer a brain injury from a slip and fall accident, whether at work or in another area. Accidents are sometimes caused by the negligence on the part of someone else.

There are many complications from suffering a traumatic brain injury that are life changing, including posttraumatic seizures. This complication can drastically affect a person’s ability to perform their duties at work and everyday tasks. You should be aware that you may be entitled to compensation.

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