The start of school can be bittersweet for most parents, after the summer winds down and the kids head back to classes. And if your child is one who rides the bus to and from school each day, one of your concerns may be about his or her safety every morning and afternoon.

Not all school buses are equipped with seat belts, which is why it is imperative to talk to your kids about school bus safety, in order to prevent a potentially fatal child accident.  That is why the Southern California child car accident lawyers at Steinberg Injury Lawyers have compiled the following list of topics to discuss with your child, in hopes that he or she will take the lesson with them every day on their ride:
  1. While waiting for the bus, always make sure to stand at least four feet back from the street. A good way to demonstrate to kids how far four feet is, have them measure how long their "big steps" are. For example, you might say to your child, "Stay four big steps away from the street."
  2. Always make sure that the bus driver sees you before you walk into the street. Sometimes children get the notion that just because they can see the bus driver, then the driver must be able to see them. Tell your child that a driver can't see you unless they wave back or make some other gesture like a nod of the head. 
  3. On the bus, always face forward and sit in the seat, regardless of how the other kids are sitting. Peer pressure to be "cool" by doing what the other kids are doing can be tempting. But stress the dangers of not sitting in the seat properly - if the bus driver hits a pothole or must stop suddenly, the child can pitch forward in the aisle or hit their head on the side of the bus. 

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