Accidents are inevitable. Not only are they inevitable, but they are inconvenient, as well. In terms of auto accidents, they grow from being inconvenient to potentially fatal. Yes, insurance will usually cover the majority of the damage. Most states have a minimum requirement of insurance to carry if one owns a car and operates it. Most of the time, that insurance is barely enough to cover the damages. Unfortunately, there are people out there reckless enough to endanger others’ lives by driving without insurance.

The inconvenient truth is that most people victimized by those who drive without any insurance are often left to pay for damages out of their own pocket. It can get unbelievably expensive to try and repair your vehicle and even more costly if you have to take the hit of medical bills for injuries sustained in the California car accident.

Even more unfortunately, many hit and run or uninsured drivers are criminals with bad driving records. Their premiums are terribly high, so they just do not pay, leaving the rest of the people on the road in danger. Because of this, unethical, temporary insurance is available for purchase to aid these criminals. The insurance is valid for only a few nights, and is then cancelled the day after the offender does not need it anymore. Even insurance fraud and counterfeiting rings have popped up around the states to give the illusion that uninsured drivers are covered. These things have created more hazard than ever for those who are on the road, not to mention the higher insurance premiums that have resulted.

If an uninsured driver hit you, all hope is not lost. Most insurance companies offer coverage to protect against uninsured drivers. Check your policy to make sure you have uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. If you don't, contact your insurance agent to find out how to add it.

You may be able to recover compensation, if you have been hurt in a Southern California car accident caused by the other driver. Contact an experienced Southern California car accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers for a free case evaluation at (800) 989-6385.

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