As children and teens head back to school this fall, the Southern California teen car accident lawyers at Steinberg Injury Lawyers urge drivers and families to do everything they can to prevent injury from car accidents.

Accidents can happen anywhere - on the highway, on slower back roads, and even in your own driveway. That is why teenagers should be extra cautious during their new days of driving - so they can develop good driving habits that will stay with them for a lifetime.

Steinberg Injury Lawyers has compiled a list of ways that teens can stay safe behind the wheel this fall, during the hectic start of school - a time when there are more kids outside, traveling to and from school. Let's take a look at these tips:

  • Watch out for little ones crossing the street. Even though most streets surrounding a school have crossing guards to help kids cross at intersections, there is no guarantee that the guard will be there every time. There is also no guarantee that kids won't try to run across at a point in the street where there is no crosswalk.
  • Watch for kids darting out from parked cars. Young children may not realize that drivers cannot see them in between two parked cars. Always drive with caution near them, and keep your eyes peeled for children.
  • Never text and drive. Taking your eyes off the road for a second can mean the difference between life and death. Don't jeopardize the life of a child just to stay connected to your friends on your cell phone.
  • Use caution around school buses and bus stops. The stop sign on the side of the bus is there for a reason, and when it is out and lit, make sure to stop your vehicle, even if it is not at an intersection. Children will be crossing the street, and are often hard to see.
  • Drive slowly through school zones. Obey the posted speed limit and avoid driving on streets with many children until you gain more experience behind the wheel.
  • Never try to pass cars that are slowing or stopped around a school. Those cars could be waiting to pick up kids, and you may not see a child in your haste to get around the car. Waiting for the car or van to move could save a life and prevent a serious child car accident injury.

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