Not only are Southern California side impact accidents common, they are also some of the most deadly crashes.  A side impact crash, also referred to as a T-bone accident, is the result of one car being hit on the side by an oncoming vehicle.  For example, a side impact accident can occur when one car is turning left at a traffic signal and a car runs the red light and strikes it.

The front of a car is usually heavier and more powerful than the side portion of a vehicle.  Therefore, when the front of one car hits another in the side, the outcome is often catastrophic.  The risk of a deadly accident increases even more when a vehicle is hit in the side by an SUV or truck. 

Side impact collisions are particularly dangerous because there is very little to protect the occupants of the vehicle. In 2007, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) created a new standard that required auto manufacturers to provide increased head and torso protection for front seat and rear seat occupants in side-impact collisions. However, it didn’t require side airbags specifically.

It wasn’t until recently that some auto manufacturers started incorporating side airbags into their vehicles. The Institute Insurance for Highway Safety (IIHS) reported that 88 percent of all 2009 passenger vehicles offered side airbags.  Seventy-five percent offered side airbags as standard equipment.  Unfortunately, side airbags don’t always provide sufficient protection.

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