Children in the Back of the School BusIt’s a question that both parents and students have wondered for years: why don’t school buses have seat belts? With all of the safety regulations in place regarding children in cars, it doesn’t make sense that school buses, which carry millions of children to school each day, don’t come equipped with seat belts. Fortunately, that may soon change.

Child Safety Is Now an Even Bigger Priority for School Buses

Mark Rosekind, administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has announced for the first time that his agency supports having all school buses in the United States fitted with seat belts. Officials believe that by doing so, the number of child deaths related to school bus accidents, which according to NHTSA stands at four annually, will be cut in half. 

The Potential Problems of Seat Belt Installation

Currently, only six U.S. states have regulations that require safety belts in school buses. Officials hope that NHTSA’s endorsement is enough to encourage states to voluntarily install seatbelts in their school buses. If this safety measure has to go through the regulation-making process, NHTSA fears it could be a decade before every bus in the country has safety belts.

Cost is also a concern, as seatbelt installation is quite expensive. The cost to equip just one bus ranges between $7,000 and $10,000. With nearly half a million school buses in the United States, the total cost could reach into the billions. Most parents would agree, however, that child safety is priceless.

We Want to Help If Your Child Is Injured on a School Bus

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