It may have been years since you have heard anyone reference the “three-second rule,” which refers to the distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.  Understanding this rule and what is considered a safe distance between vehicles can help you avoid a potentially serious Santa Monica car accident.

In Southern California, the weather is generally mild year round.  There are no icy roads to contend with or blizzards that will make driving unsafe.  So, for the most part, the three-second rule will apply, as this guideline is best adhered to during daylight hours with dry roads and low traffic volume. 

Ensuring that there is at least three seconds between you and the vehicle ahead is crucial, as it gives you time to stop or avoid a hazard in your lane.  To determine the appropriate following distance while driving, choose a fixed object ahead, such as a road sign or tree.  Once the vehicle ahead of you reaches that object, start counting slowly until you have also gotten to that destination.  If you reached it before you were able to count to three, you were following the vehicle too closely.

There are certain conditions when you need to have more than three seconds of following distance.  For example, on rainy or foggy days, you might need nine seconds.  When the traffic is heavy, six seconds may be more appropriate.

Most rear-end collisions are caused by drivers who are following the vehicle ahead too closely.  By abiding by the three-second rule and modifying it when necessary, you can decrease your risk of a crash.

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