It’s bad enough when you are injured in a Southern California car accident, as you are faced with doctor visits, medical treatments and a long recovery.  When you combine these issues with an insurance adjuster who won’t stop calling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. 

Many times, the insurance adjuster will start calling right after the collision.  They may pressure you to accept a settlement, especially if there is a chance that your injuries are serious.  Even though you might be tempted to settle immediately, so you can get cash to pay your medical expenses, you have to sit back and ask yourself why the insurance company is in such a rush.  Could it be that they know they have a better chance of getting you to accept a lower offer before you realize the extent of your injuries? It could be, as some injuries don’t surface right away.

You have to remember that when it comes to collecting compensation from the insurance company, the insurer is not on your side.  In fact, there are some things they are hoping that you won’t discover:

1.    The insurance adjuster is going to be looking for ways to minimize your money damages.  After being notified about the car accident, the insurance company will assign an adjuster who is experienced at handling claims.  This person will be in charge of gathering evidence and offering a settlement.  The insurance adjuster is skilled and often knows how to get you to accept a low settlement or lower the value of your claim.

2.    Even your own insurance company may not be on your side.  When you make a claim for uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage, your insurance company may become your adversary.  It doesn’t matter that you have paid your premiums on time and have never filed a claim before; the insurer might still be difficult to work with.

3.    The insurance company has a tremendous legal advantage over you.  When you are dealing with an insurer, you are dealing with a company that has an experienced legal team and resources to fight your claim.  Insurance companies are in the business of making money, despite what their TV commercials might say.
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