It takes a lot of force to break the thighbone across its length.  When you suffer from a femur fracture, you are looking at a long and painful recovery.

The femur, which is also referred to as the thighbone, is not easy to break, and this type of fracture is usually the result of a high-energy trauma, such as a Santa Monica car accident or fall.  A broken thighbone is frequently associated with potentially life-threatening injuries to other systems in the body.  A delay in treatment or diagnosis could lead to a longer recovery time, not to mention serious complications.

There are nonsurgical and surgical treatment options available for a broken femur.  Traction is a traditional method used to treat femur fractures and involves placing the leg in a cast and using sticky tape or a metal pin to attach a series of strings that connect to weights.  This technique requires an extensive stay in the hospital.

The surgery associated with a broken thighbone may involve the application of a metal plate to the side of the thighbone across the affected area.  The metal plate is held in place with screws and allows the patient to bear weight on the leg and have earlier movement.

Another surgical option is known as intramedullary fixation.  During this procedure, a special rod is placed into the thighbone, either near the hip or above the knee.  The rod goes into the middle of the bone and across the site of the fracture.  Screws are then used to lock it into place.

If the fracture breaks the skin, there is the risk of infection.  When a broken femur is caused by a Santa Monica auto accident, there may be other injuries that make it harder to treat the fracture.

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