Maybe the state of California has so many car accidents due to the massive size of the population.  It could be that drivers are aggressive or that people tend to speed on Southern California roads.  While there are many possible explanations as to why auto accidents are so frequent, there are some factors that appear to be common.

Driver Behavior
According to statistics, 95 percent of motor vehicle accidents are associated with some level of driver behavior.  People tend to point the finger somewhere other than themselves when placing blame for a car accident.  One European study found that 80 percent of drivers involved in car accidents believed that the other party could have taken measures to prevent the crash.  Surveys show that people believe that they are good drivers, but the numbers don’t lie.

Poor Roadway Maintenance
Debris on the road, obscured road signs and potholes can all cause accidents.  These dangers fall under a category known as poor roadway maintenance.  It is a factor that is attributed to many motor vehicle accidents each year.

Roadway Design
Engineers spend a great deal of time designing roads that are safe for the public.  Some of the things that engineers keep in mind include hazard visibility, roadway surfaces, traffic control devices, traffic flow and weather.  Therefore, roadway design isn’t as frequent of a factor in accidents as some motorists might believe.

Equipment Failure
When the brakes fail or a tire blows out, it can lead to a serious auto accident.  While manufacturers are required by law to produce cars that meet certain safety standards, sometimes equipment still fails.  However, equipment failure is not as prevalent as driver behavior and other factors involved in crashes, as it only accounts for 5 percent of all accidents.

The majority of car crashes that occur each year could and should have been avoided.  If you have been injured in a car accident in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County or other area in California, you should contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers at  (800) 989-6385.  An experienced Santa Monica car accident attorney from our office will be able to explain your rights to compensation.
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