We have all seen big rigs traveling through the Grapevine and on the U.S. 60.  Most of us have also witnessed these massive vehicles turned over on the side of the freeway or even worse, engulfed in flames.  California truck accidents are to blame for thousands of injuries each year and according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), the largest percentages of California truck accident injuries occurred in Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.

One statistic suggested that the annual death toll from large truck crashes was equivalent to twenty-six 737 airplane crashes each year. It just goes to show that big rig accidents occur more often than people realize.  The high number of truck accident deaths and injuries in this county result in substantial personal and financial costs.  The FMSCA has reported that these collisions carry a price tag of over $19 billion each year.

Motorists are often uneasy when traveling next to 18-wheelers and other giant commercial vehicles and for good reason.  Just look at some of the alarming statistics and facts associated with tractor-trailer accidents:
  • Almost one-quarter of deaths in passenger vehicles involved in multi-vehicle accidents were associated with large trucks.
  • The majority of fatal truck accidents had to do with driver error by the motorist or trucker.
  • Every day, an average of 1,000 people under 25 die on the world’s roads.  Some of these deaths are the result of truck crashes.
  • 78 percent of reported truck accident fatalities were occupants of the passenger vehicle, most often the drivers.

As a Southern California driver, you should take extra care when traveling near large trucks by driving defensively and avoiding the trucks’ blind spots.  You should also give a truck enough room, as it takes longer for a commercial vehicle to stop.

Even if you have taken precautions to prevent a serious 18-wheeler accident, a collision may have been un-avoidable and you may have been injured as a result. If the trucker, trucking company or other party, caused the large truck accident you could be entitled to compensation.  For more information, contact a San Bernardino truck accident attorney at Steinberg Injury Lawyers at (800) 989-6385.  It is important that you don’t sign anything until talking with an attorney from our office.
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