The sheer weight of a semi-truck can mean that virtually all truck vs. car accidents in California end up resulting in serious injury, and sadly, sometimes even death.

Truck accidents can be caused a number of ways, with the most common being truck driver fatigue or the inability of the truck driver to see the smaller vehicle.

When these truck accidents happen, the resulting injuries are often permanent in damage or require extensive physical therapy. After the initial rescue, emergency room visit and stay, and recovery time, the last thing on your mind is talking to the insurance company, unless you do not have health insurance and are not sure how you are going to pay your medical bills.

But even if you are lucky enough to have good health insurance, you will still be responsible for the co-pays and other out-of-pocket expenses that come with a serious California injury, including lost wages from not being able to work.

Chances are the at-fault truck driver is represented by a large, commercial insurance company that will try to contact you for more information about the accident.

It is absolutely imperative that you do not speak with the truck driver’s insurance company without first speaking with an experienced Riverside truck accident attorney.

Why? Because there are certain pieces of information that the insurance company should not be entitled to but will try to obtain in order to discredit your claim.

Here is a list of what the insurance company will try to gain. Under no circumstances should you provide these to them:

  • A recorded statement. Never give your side of the story to the adjustor, no matter how nice and “one your side” he or she sounds.
  • A signed medical release. This gives the insurance company access to all – yes, all – of your medical history, even if it does not relate to injuries at hand. 
  • Your contact information, including social media names (Facebook, Twitter, etc.). The insurance company will do what they can to check up on you and find ways to blame your injuries on your lifestyle. When the adjustor asks for your contact information, kindly tell them that they can get all the information they need from your lawyer. 
  • A signed settlement agreement. The adjustor may try to lure you into signing a settlement agreement by offering you what may seem like a decent amount of money to settle your claim. But what that money will not cover, however, are any future medical bills or lost wages, so it is best not to sign any agreement until it is reviewed by a lawyer.

The Riverside, California truck accident lawyers at Steinberg Injury Lawyers review settlement documents for free, and appointments can be made by calling 800.989.6385 or by filling out our online form. Steinberg Injury Lawyers will also provide you with a free copy of their book, Seven Biggest Mistakes That Can Ruin Your California Injury Case, if you have been injured in a California accident.

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