It’s no secret that the Southern California freeways and streets are congested with large trucks. Your odds of being seriously injured in a Los Angeles truck accident may be higher than you think. An accident with a semi can leave you or a loved one with a permanent injury and/or unable to perform your duties at work.

Ways to Avoid a Collision with a Large Truck

Fortunately, there are things you can do to help minimize your odds of being in a truck accident. Here are five simple ways:

  1. Don’t follow too close. It’s important to allow plenty of space between your vehicle and any truck in front of you. Keep in mind that it is difficult to see in front of a large truck you are following, and you may not see any potential road dangers a trucker may encounter. If you tailgate, you are likely to slam into them in the event they have to break or slow down suddenly. 
  2. Stay away from a truck’s blind spots. You should never assume another driver sees you or your vehicle, especially if that driver is a trucker. Keep in mind that a truck’s blind spots are much larger than that of a regular vehicle. Avoid lingering alongside a truck and consider falling back or quickly passing on the left when necessary.
  3. Exercise extreme caution at night or in poor weather. Many accidents occur after the sun goes down or when the weather turns poor. Both scenarios can result in poor visibility, making it difficult for a truck driver to identify your vehicle. Drive slower than normal and make sure your headlights are on.  
  4. Exercise extreme caution when using entrance ramps. It’s not uncommon for a vehicle to be run off the road by a truck when entering a freeway. Make sure you locate all trucks near your vehicle and allow enough space for them when using an entrance ramp.
  5. Report dangerous truck driving behavior. Don’t allow a dangerous truck driver to risk your life or the lives of those you share the Southern California roadways with. Report any truck driver who may be speeding, driving erratically, driving aggressively, tailgating, or using improper equipment. 

Not All Accidents with Trucks Can Be Avoided

Accidents with tractor-trailers can be some of the most serious, especially due to their size and weight. No matter how safe of a driver you are, you cannot always control the driving behavior of those you share the roads and streets with.

Holding the Other Driver Responsible

If you have been injured by a trucker, you might be able to hold the driver and/or the company they work for liable for your injuries. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, we have helped hundreds of accident victims like you get the compensation they deserve.

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