Are you and your family at risk of suffering a dog bite injury? The statistics may shock you. National dog bite victims’ group has released its 2012 dog bite fatality statistics, and the numbers are alarming.

Common Breeds Most Likely to Kill

In 2012, dogs took the lives of 38 people in the U.S. Of those fatalities:

  • Pit bulls represented 61 percent (23) of those deaths.
  • Rottweilers represented 8 percent (3) of those deaths.
  • German shepherds claimed the lives of 2 people.

A Breakdown by Age

As expected, children represented the majority of those fatalities. Of those killed by dogs:

  • 19 were under the age of 8-years-old.
  • Of those, 79 percent (15) were under the age of two.
  • 75 percent of these deaths occurred while the child was visiting or living temporarily with the dog’s owner.

Other Key Facts

A dog attack can occur in just about any situation where a canine is present. Here are some additional startling facts released by

  • Only 5 percent of these attacks involved a tethered dog.
  • This number is down by 6 percent from 2011
  • 13 percent of these fatalities resulted from dogs considered “rescue” animals.

Leading States

The report also looked at what states led the way in dog-related fatal attacks. California and North Carolina were at the top of the leader board, with each state incurring four deaths as a result of dog attacks. New Mexico, Texas, and Ohio each had three deaths.

If Your Child Is Attacked

The impact of a dog attack can be catastrophic, especially if the victim is a child. Besides physical injuries, a child can experience a lifetime of emotional issues. If your child was attacked by another person’s dog, you might be able to hold the dog’s owner liable for your child’s physical and emotional injuries.

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