Life changing consequences can be a result of an unexpected Los Angeles car accident. The injuries that many accident victims sustain can have lifelong complications. There are over 200,000 injuries every year in California that are caused by automobile collisions.

Auto accidents not only cause bodily injury, they often result in the victim losing a great deal financially as well. Fortunately, many of the losses sustained in the accident can be recovered through a claim or lawsuit. California auto accident victims that have suffered a financial loss may recover damages for:

  • Medical expenses – Auto accident injuries often come with a great deal of medical expenses. These expenses can usually be recovered through a claim. Medical expenses that can be recovered may include doctor visits, hospital visits, emergency room expenses, chiropractic care, massage therapy, physical therapy, or medical devices.
  • Future medical costs – Injuries sustained in auto accidents often require the victim to undergo medical treatment that may continue well beyond the settlement date. These future costs can typically be recovered by your Los Angeles car crash attorney.
  • Mental anguish – Mental and emotional distress can be associated with the pain caused by injuries, as well as property damage and financial loss that may be a result of the crash.
  • Pain and suffering – Physical pain resulted from the accident may be compensated. The amount that is paid is based on the severity of the pain the victim is in as well as how long the victim will likely be in pain.
  • Loss of wages – The result of an auto accident may leave the victim unable to continue working. The amount of income that was lost, as well as the amount that will be lost in the future, may be compensated for.
  • Property damage – Damages to any property that were caused by the accident can be compensated for.


If you have recently been involved in an auto accident, it is important to know that it is possible to receive compensation for your damages. To begin your claim, contact an experienced Los Angeles auto accident lawyer at Steinberg. Call 800-989-6385 today to discuss your legal options.

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