Who says men drive better than women? That old myth has been put to rest, at least in the trucking industry, thanks to a new report. When we’re talking about inspections and compliance issues or accidents among professional truckers, it seems that women are doing better than their male counterparts.

How the Industry Is Becoming More Women-Friendly

When most think of truck drivers, pictures of tough men come to mind. That image is changing, however, as more and more women are taking up trucking. In fact, females account for 5.8 percent of the 3.4 million U.S. truck drivers, which is up from 4.6 percent in 2010. Why the increase? The answer is likely because the industry is becoming friendlier to the fairer sex through accommodations such as the following:

  • Truck stops are more accessible. Truck stops are notorious for being dirty and dangerous, but that seems to be changing. Bathrooms are becoming cleaner, and safety is being taken more seriously. A few decades ago it was unheard of to have a shower in the ladies’ room; now they are more common.
  • Trucks are more comfortable. Truckers often consider their trucks their homes when they’re on the road. Cramped sleeping cabs and trucks without power steering have become a thing of the past, which likely plays a role in why more women are attracted to the industry. Some trucking companies are starting to allow pets in the trucks with their drivers and “no-touch” cargo that limits heavy lifting in an attempt to attract female employees.

Although Women Truckers May Drive Safer, Accidents Can Still Occur

The evidence is there: women truckers currently drive more safely than men. Although this may mean the roads are safer, they aren’t completely without risk. Truck accidents often cause severe injuries and many fatalities. If you were the victim of a truck accident in the Los Angeles area, contact the Steinberg Injury Lawyers for help. We may be able to get you compensation for medical bills, vehicle repairs, and time lost from work.

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