A truck accident tends to be more complex than the average car accident and liability is not always clear.  The trucking company and insurance company will do what they can to show that they are not responsible for damages that were sustained in the crash, which is why evidence is the key to obtaining a good settlement.

The settlement offer for a truck accident in San Bernardino or elsewhere in California will generally be low.  Insurers frequently make their settlements as low as possible.  However, you can get your semi truck accident settlement raised to a fair amount by providing evidence that shows fault.  While you can gather some of this evidence yourself, by taking pictures of your car, talking to witnesses and writing down your recollection of the collision, you might want to consider recruiting a San Bernardino truck accident attorney to help you.

A knowledgeable truck accident lawyer will be able collect evidence that will show who was to blame. For example, your attorney will examine the trucking logs and driver’s logs, along with driver’s safety record.  Your semi accident lawyer will also review the driver’s qualifications, training and experience and will get eyewitness accounts.  This type of evidence will help establish which parties were negligent.  You could end up with a negligent hiring claim against the trucking company, a negligence claim against the trucker or some other type of negligence claim.

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