When a traumatic brain injury occurs, there are far more consequences than the immediate and apparent physical and mental disabilities. The changes that come to one’s life after a traumatic brain injury not only disrupt the body’s natural way of operation, it also affects how that person interacts with others in a social capacity.

Friends are the Key to Healing
One of the best forms of medicine for a brain injury patient is his or her network of friends. The tighter the group of friends, the more comfortable a traumatic brain injury patient will be with interacting with people and trying to accomplish daily tasks. Much of what we take for granted, such as speech and physical interaction, is made exceedingly more difficult when a traumatic brain injury is sustained.

Another benefit of having a positive network of friends around a traumatic brain injury patient is the stability it affords. If a patient has a constant group of friends to interact with that provide familiarity, the repetition helps to rebuild and create new synapses within the brain, allowing it to rebuild and function in a more efficient manner.

The Negative Social Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury
Some of the resulting effects of a traumatic brain injury can often be socially unacceptable. These results may be as mild as a speech impediment or as glaring as interjecting rude statements at inappropriate times. The physical manifestations of a traumatic brain injury can put a huge strain on patients’ established friends and in some situations, may cause them to lose friends.

New Home and New Surroundings
Often traumatic brain injury patients cannot live in the place that they did prior to their accident on account of a multiplicity of reasons. The foremost being that with their diminished brain capacity they may require assisted living in a group home or a new home that has been altered to better accommodate the severity of their disability. A move as a result of an injury may increase the quality of life, but could also be detrimental to them socially, as they may become isolated from their social support base.

Where Can You Turn?
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