When you think of a broken ankle, you generally assume the injury is not serious.  However, victims of slip and fall accidents would argue the opposite.  

In addition to the pain and inconvenience of a broken ankle other complications can occur, including the following:

Arthritis – The ankle can start hurting years after the fracture, which could indicate the development of arthritis.

Bone infection – This complication is also referred to as osteomyelitis and can develop when there is an open fracture, as the bone becomes exposed to bacteria.

Compartment syndrome – According to MayoClinic.com, “this neuromuscular condition causes pain, swelling and sometimes disability in affected muscles of the legs or arms.”   It is generally associated with high impact injuries. 

Nerve damage – When the ankle is broken, it can injure nearby nerves and even blood vessels.  One of the symptoms of nerve damage includes numbness.

The treatment for an ankle fracture may include surgery.  Screws and pins are used to stabilize and align the ankle during healing.

If you or a loved one has sustained a trimalleolar ankle fracture resulting from a fall accident, you may be able to pursue compensation.  A property owner can be held liable in some slip and fall and trip and fall cases.  

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