After you’ve sustained injuries in a car accident, you may be worried about why you’re having such horrible headaches. Post-traumatic headaches after a car crash usually resolve themselves after a few months, but some accident victims experience them for years. 


Car accident lawyers will help you grasp why you’re having post-traumatic headaches, its common causes, and what you can do to regain control when a severe car accident leads to migraines that won’t subside.


If you suffer from head injuries due to another driver’s negligence, consult with a proven car accident lawyer

Potential Causes of Headaches After An Accident 

If you’re suffering from pains in your head after an accident, then you have to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Here are some of the most common causes of post-accident headaches:

  • Concussions occur when your brain sustains microscopic blood vessels and nerve damage.

  • Contusions were caused by bruising on the brain at multiple locations during the accident.

  • Diffuse Axonal Injuries (DAI) occur when nerve fibers stretch or rip as a result of the accident.

  • Intracranial Hematomas are ruptured brain vessels that are bleeding into your skull or brain.

  • Medical reactions have caused post-accident headaches before. The side-effects of your new medications could be causing your brain trauma. Combining medications, especially with drugs and alcohol, could lead to headaches and other potential health problems. 

  • Stress caused by car accidents could lead to headaches as well. Stress headaches are discouraging but usually aren’t life-threatening. 

  • Whiplash happens as the neck jerks back or forward abruptly. Whiplash could result in pain in the neck, shoulders, back and cause headaches.

Do I Need to See a Physician For My Headache?

Seeking medical care will protect the integrity of your case and help you get the care you deserve. The adrenaline pumping in your veins due to your accident could numb you to the pains caused by your accident. 


Your accident-induced headache could be a sign of a more severe injury. Car accident attorneys suggest that you always seek medical care after an accident. If you fail to seek treatment and discover you were injured afterward, insurance companies may claim you weren’t seriously injured. 

Who’s Liable For My Injuries?

The at-fault party’s insurance company will be liable for the injuries sustained in your accident. Sometimes victims share in the liability and are responsible for the percentage to which the courts determine them accountable. By filing a personal injury claim, you could be awarded damages that recoup all of your medical care and property damages. 

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