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The moment after a car accident occurs, it’s crucial for collecting as much evidence as you can. In today’s age, photos are among the best options. Since most people are equipped with a smartphone, you can quickly snap pictures that help back up your claims of property damage and injury claims. 


It’s not just important to take pictures; you must take the right images to help build your personal injury claim. 


Once you have taken photos of your damages and injuries, contact a car accident lawyer at Steinberg Injury Lawyers for a free initial consultation. 


Learn how to take good photos after a car accident below. 


What Should I Take a Picture of?

When it comes to taking photos of a car accident scene, the more pictures you get, the better. It is essential to snap as many photos from a variety of angles and perspectives. In addition, video evidence (along with pictures) can also be helpful. 


Well-taken and comprehensive picture and video evidence can help your car accident lawyer and the insurance company when building a strong personal injury case. It is best to capture the following types of pictures when collecting evidence after a car accident. 

  • Property damage
  • Your injuries
  • Nearby traffic signals and signs
  • The surrounding scene
  • Evidence of inclement weather conditions
  • License plate, insurance information, registration, and make/model of the other car(s)

More Tips For Taking Photos After An Accident 

Remember, you can never take too many photos. When taking pictures with your phone, tablet, or camera, keeping visibility in mind is best. Pay attention to lighting, and avoid sun glares. Additionally, if it is dark outside, be sure to use the flash on your camera. 


Smartphones automatically timestamp pictures, but if you are using a digital camera, ensure the timestamp function is activated. Also, check to see if the timestamp is accurate. 


If you are injured and unable to take photos, ask a passenger (that’s not injured) or call a family member or friend to come to the scene as soon as possible. Some pictures, such as injuries, property damages, etc. can be taken well after an accident occurs. 


However, the most compelling proof to back up your claims of fault against another driver is pictures/videos taken immediately after an accident occurs. 


Don’t Wait, Contact Steinberg Injury Lawyers Today.

Hiring a proven car accident lawyer is just as crucial as taking high-quality photos of your injuries and property damage. At Steinberg Injury Lawyers, our experienced attorneys will use your pictures and videos to build a strong personal injury case


Our goal is to ensure you receive maximum compensation for all damages and injuries sustained due to the fault of another party. 


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