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When people get into a car accident, they often wish they had clear video evidence to back up their claims, especially if the accident is not their fault. Dashboard cameras help to alleviate that worry. 


Footage from your dashcam can be used to gain leverage in personal injury cases, but they can also be used against you. 


If you have suffered an injury as a result of a car accident while your dashcam was on, it can be beneficial to consult with a proven car accident lawyer before submitting that evidence to the insurance companies. 

Are Dash Cameras a Good Idea?

In many cases, dash cameras are an excellent tool for injured car accident victims. If you are worried about getting into a car accident without ample evidence to prove your case, a dash cam could help to expedite the claims process and benefit you during a trial. 


It’s important to note that dashcams are not legal in every state. Check your state’s laws before installing one in your car. Also, be sure that your camera is placed in an area that doesn’t contribute to an accident’s likelihood by limiting your line of sight. 

Can Your Dashcam Be Used Against You? 

Yes, your dashcam footage can be used against you. If you get into a car accident and fault is not clear, the video footage can be subpoenaed to refute your personal injury claim. It can help consult with your personal injury lawyer and allow them to review the video immediately after the accident occurs.  

How Do They Impact Insurance Claims?

When your dashcam footage is clear and compelling, the insurance company will typically consider it before deciding to deny your claim or offer fair compensation. Video footage reduces the defendant’s potential to deny unsafe maneuvers, broken laws, and general liability for the car accident. 


If your case goes to trial, the footage will also be seen by a judge to ensure that it accurately shows what happened at the time of the accident. In most cases, a judge will review the video before allowing it to be seen by a jury. 

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