After you’ve sustained injuries in a car accident, you may be worried if there will be an opportunity to settle your case before trial. The answer is yes. Most car accident cases are settled out of court. 


That’s especially true if the plaintiff is working with an experienced car accident lawyer. Otherwise, the insurance company uses its resources and high-powered lawyers to intimidate victims into accepting less than favorable settlements. 


You may be enticed to accept the first settlement offer, but you should be absolutely sure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries. 


If you have been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s fault, consult with a proven car accident lawyer before accepting the first settlement offer made to you. 

Is it Better to Settle a Car Accident Lawsuit or go to Court? 

Settlements are usually a faster, lower cost, and less stressful alternative than going to trial. However, if the insurance company refuses to compensate you for your injuries adequately, a trial may be your only option. 


It’s important to note that once you accept a settlement, no matter what happens, you can't do anything else with the case. If your injuries worsen or new injuries are discovered, you cannot renegotiate a different deal. 

How to Settle Your Car Accident Case Without Going to Trial

Settlements are the formal resolution to a lawsuit before the matter is handled in court. Settlements can be reached at any point during litigation. Personal injury cases are often settled before formal lawsuits are filed. The following are the steps typically taken in the settlement process: 

Initiate The Claim 

Before your car accident lawyer can begin your claim, they’ll need to understand the full extent of your injuries. They’ll do this by gathering all the information about your claim, including your medical bills, medical records, and your wage loss documents. 


Car accident attorneys may require other professionals to speak on the extent and lasting effects of your injuries, including financial professionals, doctors, and mental health professionals.

Demand Your Settlement 

Once your personal injury attorney understands your case, then they’ll submit a demand letter. The demand letter includes the damages the plaintiff is demanding, the legal arguments that support those demands, and copies of medical bills and police reports that support the case.


Once the demands are submitted, the defenses’ attorney or insurance provider will respond to the demand letter or make a counteroffer. This begins the process of negotiations until a settlement is reached. 

Mediation if Necessary

Sometimes, settlement discussions aren’t fruitful until lawsuits are filed and litigation begins. If this is the case, both sides may agree to sit down with a neutral, third-party mediator to reach an agreement without going to trial. 

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